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Real Food, Peaceful Parenting, Alternative Education, and Volutnaryism
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The “Age Appropriate” Measuring Stick For Expectations is Broken

Many parent-child struggles are manifested by requests and expectations that are not “age appropriate.” It’s one of the first recommendations parenting “gurus” and “experts” recommend assessing when you’re sailing in troubled waters. While it’s a good concept (better than the normal alternative of expecting too much, too soon), it leaves A LOT to be desired.…

The Viral Popularity of Child Abuse

A grandmother pulls a knife on her grandson in the car. A mom rages at her pre-teen son over his grades and forces him to come get hit even as he prays to God for safety. A mom writes a lengthy post on Facebook of her dumping her kids’ ice cream in the garbage because they…

Why Parenting May Not Matter (A Casual Rebuttal)

An article published on the 1st of December titled, Why Parenting May Not Matter and Why Most Social Science Research is Probably Wrong, is making it’s way across the interwebs in viral fashion. I saw the article the day after it was published and had a lot of issues with it. But when it showed up in…

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Should We Lead Boys & Girls Differently?

Janet Allison from joins me to discuss the innate differences between girls and boys and what adjustments we can make as parents and teachers to make sure we’re able to connect with these differences so we can stop leaving so many boys behind.

Inside Look 002: Revolutionary Parenting Consult with Ben

As promised, the second of three “inside looks” at a Revolutionary Parenting consult. Today’s parent is Ben and that’s all I’m going to say. You have to listen to get the value. In the intro, I talk about our new Patreon campaign that you’re going to want to be a part of. You can join the…

Inside Look: A Private Revolutionary Parenting Consult with Kevin

Audio Issue Fixed. We’re making a shift in our approach at In the past, we’ve been strictly focused on education, motivation, and community building. Now, we’re shifting our focus to implementation—rolling up our sleeves and getting into the trenches with parents all over the world to provide guidance on putting the strategies, tactics, and…

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