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A Revolutionary Parent is principled. Their strategies and tactics are not random and they know the ends do not justify the means. They parent in accordance with a clear set of values that they have thought deeply on.

A Revolutionary Parent challenges their own thinking in every aspect of their child’s lives. They are committed to avoiding the trap of “repeating the cycle.” From nutrition to education and politics, Revolutionary Parents analyze the most important aspects of raising children, as well as the society those children grow up in.

A Revolutionary Parent is courageous. They are willing to challenge the status quo and speak up to defend the rights and wellbeing of children, even if those views are not popular.

A Revolutionary Parent understands the full scope of their responsibility. They know it’s not just about raising physically and psychologically healthy kids for the sake of their own children. They know that all of the aggression and injustice in the world comes from the way children were mistreated and they are committed to solving that problem within their individual sphere of influence.

A Revolutionary Parent is compassionate and helpful. They empathize with where other parents are at and are willing to help and advise if asked. They know that there are no perfect parents and that perfection is not required to raise physically and psychologically healthy kids.

From The Author...

It’s not easy to question your past behaviors. It’s not easy to question your beliefs about children or society. It’s not easy to scrutinize your own parents’ choices and reflect back on your experiences as a child. In other words, it’s not easy to be a Revolutionary Parent.

But if these things were easy, we wouldn’t live such a crazy world. And yes, I’ve seen the meme that attempts to suggest that the world is crazy and violent because people don’t hit their kids enough. But let’s not forget that over 85% of parents spank routinely. Maybe, just maybe, committing violence against children is the reason there is so much violence?

Maybe, just maybe, if more children were raised by peaceful, principled, authentic parents there would be more adults who were peaceful, principled, and authentic? Call me crazy (I’m used to it), but it makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

And I’ve witnessed the effects of authentic, peaceful leadership. I have over 15 years of teaching experience with all ages. My wife leads a peaceful parenting group in Atlanta. We have a Revolutionary Parent online support group. We have two children of our own. We’re in the trenches day in and day out.

This type of leadership raises kind, brilliant, honest, connected children. Kids who are closer to you, even during the teenage years. Kids who voluntarily look to you for guidance. But also, kids who are responsible and who can navigate the world successfully without you.

If you’re interested in becoming a Revolutionary Parent, we’re ready to help you.


The Five Pillars

The five pillars of Revolutionary Parenting inform the strategies and tactics we use to guide children.

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