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3DP Net.v15.10 Portable
3DP Net v15.10 Portable | 107 Mb

"3DP Net.v15.10 Portable"

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3DP Net.v15.10 Portable
3DP Net v15.10 Portable | 107 Mb

3DP Net - Portable and user-friendly program that automatically detects the missing drivers for your Ethernet card and provides you with the appropriate ones

Internet connection can be both a nuisance and a benefit, depending on its speed - if it works fast, it makes browsing a breeze, whereas its decreased speed turns the whole web experience into a genuine frustration.

This is where 3DP Net can help - it automatically detects the missing drivers for your Ethernet card, thus fixing part of your problem (the one related to the drivers).

The advantages of being portable
After extracting the contents of the app to the folder you choose, you simply need to run the executable and access its user-friendly interface.

Since this is a portable program, it is important to mention that it doesn't leave any traces in the Windows Registry. You can copy it on any USB flash drive or other devices, and take it with you whenever you need to check out the missing drivers on the breeze, without having to go through installation steps.

How it works
If 3DP Net does not detect any issues with your Internet connection, it displays a message box informing you that you do not actually need to run the tool, so you can just continue browsing the web.

In order to solve your problems with the installed drivers, 3DP Net identifies the connected Ethernet cards and provides you with the appropriate drivers. The installation process is quite straightforward, so even beginners are able to complete it and get the new drivers up and running.

Unlike other driver-dedicated tools, 3DP Net does not automatically offer you the newest version of the driver, it chooses the most suitable one instead, depending on the operating system your computer is running.

Driver comparison and backup features
Additionally, the tool makes a comparison between the local and 3DP Net driver versions and lets you view the versions/dates of drivers that installed SD device driver information. A smart feature included in the package enables you to carry out backup operations by selecting the desired drivers from a list and restore data with just a few clicks.

Bottom line
In a nutshell, 3DP Net can help you make the most of your Ethernet card and start enjoying your Internet connection once more. Furthermore, the application comes without a price tag, so it can be freely used by any home user.

What's new in 3DP Net 15.10:
Driver has been updated:
- Intel 82579LM/V
(10) v12.12.140.22 (02-15-2015) >> v12.15.30.0 (08-18-2015)
(7/8/8.1 & Server2008R2~) v12.10.29.0 (05-02-2014) >> v12.15.30.0 (08-18-2015)
- Intel I217/218/219
(7/8/8.1/10 & Server2008R2~) v12.13.17.4 (06-18-2015) >> v12.13.17.7 (08-13-2015)
- Intel X710 & XL710
(7/8/8.1/10 & Server2008R2~) v1.2.124.0 (07-27-2015) >> v1.2.130.0 (09-16-2015)
- Intel XL710/X710 Virtual Function
(8.1/10 & Server2012R2) v1.0.67.0 (08-03-2015) >> v1.0.68.0 (09-29-2015)
- Ralink RT61
(7/8/8.1/10 & Server2008R2~) v3.00.01.0000 (06-02-2009) >> v3.00.09.0001 (06-02-2010)
- Realtek Gigabit
(10) v10.003.0723.2015 (07-23-2015) : Re-released
(8/8.1 & Server2012~) v8.039.0703.2015 (07-03-2015) >> v8.040.0723.2015 (07-23-2015)
(7 & Server2008R2) v7.092.0115.2015 (01-15-2015) >> v7.094.0723.2015 (07-23-2015)
(Vista & Server2008) v106.13.0115.2015 (01-15-2015) : Re-released
- Some of Realtek RTL8187B Wireless 802.11g 54Mbps USB2.0
(7/8/8.1/10 & Server2008R2~) v62.1182.0331.2010 (03-31-2010) : Driver has been newly added
v62.1181.1105.2009 (11-05-2009) >> v62.1182.0331.2010 (03-31-2010)
(Vista & Server2008) v6.1098.0807.2007 (08-07-2007) : Driver has been newly added
(32bit XP & 2000 & Server2003/R2) v5.1160.0415.2009 (04-15-2009) : Driver has been newly added
(64bit XP & Server2003/R2) v5.1089.0601.2007 (06-01-2007) >> v5.1160.0415.2009 (04-15-2009)
- Realtek RTL8187SE Wireless
(7/8/8.1/10 & Server2008R2~) v6.9108.1015.2009 (10-15-2009) >> v6.9110.0401.2010 (04-01-2010)
- Qualcomm Atheros AR2427/5002/5004/5005/5006/5007/5008/9002/922X/9285/928X
(7/8/8.1/10 & Vista & Server2008~) v10.0.0.314 (04-24-2015) >> v10.0.0.326 (08-14-2015)
- Qualcomm(Bigfoot Networks) Killer e2200 PCI-E Gigabit
(10) v8.1.0.23 (03-27-2014) >> v8.1.0.31 (08-28-2015)
(32bit 8/8.1 & Server2012~) v8.1.0.23 (03-27-2014) >> v8.1.0.25 (03-18-2015)
(64bit 8/8.1 & Server2012~) v8.1.0.23 (03-27-2014) >> v8.1.0.31 (08-29-2015)
(7 & Server2008R2) v8.1.0.23 (03-27-2014) >> v8.1.0.25 (03-18-2015)
- Qualcomm Killer e2400 Gigabit
(10) v9.0.0.5 (04-06-2015) >> v9.0.0.31 (08-29-2015)
(64bit 8.1 & Server2012R2) v9.0.0.5 (04-06-2015) >> v9.0.0.31 (08-29-2015)

Newly added product or support has been enhanced:
- Airlive WT-2000PCI
- ALLWIN Wireless V2561
- ALLWIN Wireless V2661
- D-Link AirPlus G DWL-G510 Wireless PCI (rev.C)
- D-Link AirPlus G DWL-G510M Wireless PCI (rev.A)
- D-Link AirPlus G DWL-G520+A Wireless PCI (rev.C)
- D-Link AirPlus G DWL-G630 Wireless Cardbus (rev.E)
- D-Link AirPlus G DWL-G630M Wireless Cardbus (rev.A)
- D-Link AirPlus G DWL-G650+A Wireless Cardbus (rev.E)
- D-Link Wireless G DWA-510 for Desktop
- D-Link Wireless G DWA-610 for Notebook
- Linksys WMP200 w/RangeBooster Wireless-G Business PCI
- Linksys WMP54G v4.1 Wireless-G PCI
- Linksys WMP54GR w/RangeBooster Wireless-G PCI
- Linksys WPC200 w/RangeBooster Wireless-G for Business Notebook
- Linksys WPC54GR w/RangeBooster Wireless-G for Notebook
- Qualcomm Killer e2400 Gigabit
- Ralink RT61 MIMO Wireless
- Ralink RT61 Turbo Wireless
- Ralink RT61 Wireless V2

3DP Net.v15.10 Portable

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