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Step Up Your Validation Game

One of the biggest parenting “simple swaps” you can make is to replace emotional dismissal with validation. As a strategy, it can help you quickly resolve conflict and lessen emotional outbursts. As a core principle, it protects your child’s psychological health. …when we tell a child that he doesn’t feel what he is feeling, we…

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How to Get Kids to Eat Healthy

I recently received this question from a Total Body Reboot member and wanted to address it because it falls into the category of “How can I get my kids to eat healthy?” It’s a question I receive almost daily at this point, so I think it’s time to address it with an article. Kevin, Do you…

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Bullying won’t die because parents won’t stop bullying their kids.

It pains me to see our schools systems spending time and money trying to teach kids about bullying in an effort to make it stop. It pains me even more that the school system believes children are culpable. For example, has a link to “the role kids play” on their “What is Bullying” page.…

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“Hands Aren’t for Hitting”

One of the most popular phrases I hear parents use when they want to stop their child from hitting is, “hands aren’t for hitting.” I want to challenge that though. I preach about authentic parenting and that phrase is the antithesis of authenticity. I’m not talking about the low hanging fruit of parents who spank…

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Stop Losing it With Your Kids: 10 Steps to Bulletproof Your Patience

It doesn’t matter how peaceful you want to be with your children. Success is found in your ability to follow through consistently, right? While there are some great alternative behaviors you can pull out of your toolbox when you feel like you’re about to go code red—AKA nucking futs—I think it’s critical that you address the underlying triggers that put you on edge in…

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26 Challenging Activities That Will Make Your Child More Physically Competent

Parents are always looking for new activities for kids to do, especially activities that gets kids moving or thinking. While kids are participating in sports at astronomical rates, I suggest balancing that out with individual activities. Bonus points if kids are doing challenging activities that require self-mastery. There’s a lot of adults walking this Earth who…

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Can We All Stop With the “Don’t Judge” Nonsense?

Kids need enlightened adult leaders. They need powerful, rational parents who are willing to do the hard work to cut through the bullshit of life. They need moms and dads who are committed to doing what’s right rather than what’s popular, easy, or automatic. As parents, we have a lot stacked against us. First, most…

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