A Short Introduction

Yes, I said “peaceful parenting” by accident at the beginning. I’m trying hard to undo my perfectionism though, so I’m not going to go back and fix it. Sorry!

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Powerful Parenting Podcast, the show that is dedicated to helping you raise physically and psychologically healthy kids. You can think of this show as the intersection of real food, peaceful parenting, alternative education, and healthy lifestyle habits.

My name is Kevin Geary, I’m the founder, an online education and coaching platform tasked with changing the landscape of human health. At Rebooted Body, we carry out this mission by helping men and women around the world finally get a body and life they love through real food, functional fitness, and behavior psychology.

Not too long ago, we launched a separate site called Reboot Your Kids at that’s dedicated to helping parents raise physically and psychologically healthy kids. The reason we did this is because we recognize the importance of installing healthy habits from a very young age—normalizing children to healthy habits, if you will. And at the same time, we recognize how powerful psychological health is in manifesting physical health. If we want to solve the obesity crisis and the preventable disease epidemic that’s sweeping the globe, it’s not just going to come from physical habits, it’s going to come from healing psychological wounds in adults and preventing psychological wounds in children because it’s those wounds that drive addiction and a poor relationship with food and self.

So that brings me back to The Powerful Parenting Podcast, which is the official podcast for the Reboot Your Kids platform. And you’re here, which is awesome!

Okay, so you probably want to know a little bit about me and why you should listen to me, right? Well, first of all, I’m very passionate about peaceful parenting, alternative education, real food, functional movement, and psychology. I live in Atlanta with my wife and my 3 year old daughter. And I have fifteen years of teaching and coaching experience with children ranging from ages 3 to 17.

It was during my time as a teacher and coach that I began to investigate peaceful parenting. Not only was I able to learn what it takes to be an authentically powerful parent and leader for children, but I was in the perfect environment for honing these skills over many years. And now I have a three year old who teaches me even more, so I’m confident in putting out what I’ve learned and experienced so that others can use these insights to grow their own parenting skills.

We’re going to start out this podcast with me reading my short book, “Without a Fight: The Five Pillars of Ending the Struggle for Power and Leading Children Authentically.” It is these five pillars that guide every decision we make as parents, so we need to lay them out early and recall them often. So the next few episodes will be dedicated to doing that.

Now, let’s talk about supporting the show. I launched this podcast and the RebootYourKids platform because I was asked to. First, by the Rebooted Body community. People kept asking me for advice on transitioning their kids to a healthier lifestyle. So I created Reboot Your Kids and it started to grow it’s own audience. We tested out a podcast early, but it was a different format and it was taking way too much time, so we had to scrap it. But the community kept asking me to bring back a podcast, so I decided to do so with a different format. Instead of one hour plus long interview shows, I’m going to do a Q&A style podcast where I play a recorded question from a listener and then discuss the question or challenge. It will be a much shorter and more practical format.

But even with this shorter format, this show takes a lot of time and money to produce. It also requires audience participation. So here’s what I need from you in order to make this show successful and in order to keep it around.

1. Your participation. You can participate by recording a question or challenge for the show at — start out your recording with your first name and your city and provide plenty of context and details so I can give you the best answer possible.

2. Your ratings and reviews. The iTunes ranking algorithm is based highly on rankings and reviews. So I need you to go to and leave a rating and review of the Powerful Parenting Podcast. That will help us get the show into the eardrums of more human beings around the world.

3. Your sharing. Besides ratings and reviews, we really need you to step up and share this show with other parents. Share episodes you like on social media. Share articles from Send emails to people who you think would benefit from this. Join the Reboot Your Kids Facebook community and invite other parents to it. There’s a lot of ways you can help out in this regard.

4. Your monetary support, if you have the means. It’s not free to produce this show. There are hosting costs, software costs, labor costs, equipment costs, and so on. It also requires a lot of my time. I’m using a crowd-funding platform called Patreon where you can contribute per episode that’s released. You can contribute any amount, even if it’s only $1. Our recommended amount is $3. And this is setup automatically so if I stop producing episodes, it automatically stops your contribution. We’re trying to get to a level where we can produce one episode per week. So at $1 per episode that would be $4/mo to support the show. Again, whatever you can contribute, I would greatly appreciate it. If you don’t have the means to contribute, then please focus on helping out in non monetary ways such as leaving reviews, sharing on social media, and more. If you do have the means, please go to to set up your contribution. You can, of course, cancel it at any time as well.

Alright, that’s all for this episode. The next few episodes will lay the foundation and principles for how we do things around here, so go listen to those and then we’re off to the races. Don’t forget to participate! Don’t be a lurker, be an active part of our tribe. Have a great day.

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