Should We Lead Boys & Girls Differently?

Janet Allison from joins me to discuss the innate differences between girls and boys and what adjustments we can make as parents and teachers to make sure we’re able to connect with these differences so we can stop leaving so many boys behind.

  • Mel

    This was an interesting episode. But you can hear the distress in her voice over the “disadvantages” that boys face. That everything academically seems stacked against boys. That their development is behind girls, etc. Disadvantages, disadvantages, etc. But boys grow up into men. Men make more money than women. They have better job stability. They don’t have to worry about maternity leave or raising babies. They have spatial advantages (that she mentions) that are way more valued in our society. Just look at the good paying jobs that these men get because of these advantages. So what if a boy has a little more of a rough start in school. Yes they have women teachers. But they grow up and work in male dominated fields. They will spend more years in their work fields than their educational ones. I have no sympathy for parents whining about how their boys are at such a disadvantage. I’m so sick of it. It’s like our society forgets the true statistics and numbers on our male society. These are just your feelings. Your opinions. Hence the dramatic emotions involved in this discussion.

    • Kevin Geary

      Men make more money than women.

      There are economic reasons for why men make more money than women on average (it should be noted that there are plenty of women who make more money than men and the wage gap myth has been thoroughly debunked).

      So what if a boy has a little more of a rough start in school.,,,I have no sympathy for parents whining about how their boys are at such a disadvantage. I’m so sick of it.

      I don’t think you’re going to win anyone to your side by discounting the experience of the opposite sex. We should all be interested in equality of opportunity (not outcome, though). That means making sure the playing field is fair for children, which means not discounting the obvious ways in which schools do not serve boys well. There seems to be a current trend in feminism to deny the negative experiences of men or deny any systematic disadvantages men face (of which there are plenty). This is precisely what is destroying the credibility of modern feminism.

      Pointing out the disadvantages that boys/men face in certain areas is *not* discounting disadvantages that girls/women face. They should be given equal respect if you truly care about equality of opportunity, no?

  • virginia

    this was informative. lots of very useful information for someone who wants to homeschool because we have more control over the activities vs an inflexible structured classroom so we can actually put this valuable advice into practice every day.

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Should We Lead Boys & Girls Differently?

by Kevin Geary time to read: <1 min