How To Make A Dandelion Crown

Nothing marks the summer and spring months quite like the emergence of the sunny dandelion and the clement daisy.

Undoubtedly, in the warm weather, your kids will be tearing about your garden, or the local park, like nobody’s business. But, do they know how to make a dandelion crown?

Allowing them the space to explore independently is important, but it’s also good to get involved and show them fun activities so you can teach them about their environment and all the other concepts that come up when exploring the outside world. Nature can be a noble teacher.

How To Make A Dandelion Crown

When in that field, you are free as a child, it seems as if no matter how hard you try you could never explore the full boundaries of the park or your garden – everything feels so much bigger when you are a kid. 

The innocence of youth means that they don’t overlook small plants as we do. As an adult, things like dandelions and daisies are often ignored and become just another background noise in our life.

But our kids notice these little flowers and love them, to them the dandelion is the harbinger of summer – they recognise these things more than you think.

So why not join your child down on the floor and leaf around for some dandelions and daisies, who knows what you would come across. Just remember, they see the world differently for you! A dandelion crown can make your child feel like the king or queen of the garden, or the park.

That memory will be burned into their memory, just as it is ours. So, read on to find out how to make a dandelion crown and make this summer one to remember.

How To Make A Dandelion Crown

So you’ve decided to make a dandelion crown. Let’s take a look at how to make a dandelion crown with your kids in these super simple steps.

The Method

  1. First, you’re going to need some dandelions! Luckily for you, you have a little helper who’s much closer to the ground than you are. They will see them better than you can, and it requires less bending over for them! You will need a  good handful, don’t overpick though – remember to leave some for the other children to make their own dandelion crowns!

Dandelions have yellow flowers and should pop out among the green grass. Daisies have white petals around a yellow head. Don’t worry, nothing to avoid here, just make sure they don’t grab a thistle or a nettle, but they know that.

  1. Once you have all your dandelions and/or daisies try and separate the ones that have strong and thick stems from the thinner stems or even the broken stems.

You are going to have to make a small hole in the stems, so the thicker the better. Longer stems are even easier to work with also to make a great dandelion crown in no time.

  1. Now, make a small incision, or hole, halfway down the stem. I usually do this with my fingernail, but feel free to use any tool you wish. A toothpick is a good tool that isn’t too sharp.

It makes sense to do this with all the dandelions you are going to use, making the next step  easier. If you end up breaking the stem or making the hole too big, don’t worry, just start fresh with a new flower.

  1. Next, simply slide the stem of another flower through the hole you have just made. The thin stem should go right through and the flowerhead should stop the whole thing going through the hole. This can be fiddly, but the outcome is rewarding for certain.
  1. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you reach your desired length for your dandelion crown.

Your desired length is ideally the circumference of your child’s, and your own, head. Just use your eyes to estimate the length and then measure it by testing it on your own or your child’s head before putting the last stem through your first hole. And there you have it! How to make a dandelion crown in 5 easy steps!

Frequently Asked Questions

how to make a dandelion crown

Can I Use Other Flowers With This Method?

Sure thing! Use any flower that has a thick stem, the method should work all the same. Many people make ‘daisy chains’ rather than dandelion crowns which use similar flowers with the same method.

How Sturdy Is A Dandelion Crown?

Relatively sturdy, although they will be prone to breaking if they are tugged around or played with often. The good thing is that if they do break they are really easy to make again.

The finite quality of nature is a useful concept to understand and will help your children become detached from their toys rather than being overly emotional about things breaking.

Are Dandelions Dangerous?

Not at all, they are technically a weed but that doesn’t mean they are dirty or anything.

Obviously eating them is never going to be a good idea, but dandelions are pretty safe even if the dandelion did find a way into their mouths. Dandelion root is used often in certain cuisines.

Is Overpicking An Issue?

Ecologically? No. Socially? Perhaps. The small amount of flowers you pick won’t make the flower endangered by any means, if anything picking them will encourage more growth.

In any case, dandelions and daisies are considered weeds because of how far and often they grow, so no overpicking issues here.

However, if you are in a park or an area where other kids are obviously picking daisies and dandelions, maybe consider leaving some for other people.

Sharing is always a good concept to ingrain into our children, and can help them understand the basics of conservation and stewardship of our environment.

The Final Word

There you have it, the 5 easy steps on how to make a dandelion crown. Once the circle is completed you have made a dandelion crown that should fit perfectly on your child’s head. They will really feel at one with nature and will have so much fun playing outside.

This is a great way to get them interested in nature, having just spent an hour or so playing on the ground. But when you join in on their little adventures not only do they appreciate it but they will love being out in nature more than ever. 

Make yourself part of their summer memories with this small craft project that could become their own family tradition. Who knows, maybe when they have their own family they might be teaching your method on how to make a dandelion crown to their children too!

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