How To Make A Fairy Garden

There is not a lot that is more magical in the world than fairies, and what better than to create a home for them in your very own garden. But do you know how to make a fairy garden?

This is a super fun project for you and your children that supports their imagination skills as well as their motor skills.

How To Make A Fairy Garden

Every fairy needs a home so perhaps it is time to invest and build a fairy kingdom in your garden, for when your very own fairies come to stay.

Kids will love to craft this with you, as well as watch the fairy house grow as you build on it together. Not only this, but it will encourage them to spend more time outside focusing their energy on playing imaginatively and spending time in the fresh air. 

So, if your child has a special interest in fairies, or even if you do and you want to create your own fairy garden in the hopes of a few little visitors, then keep reading.

We’ve come up with a step-by-step tutorial, full of tips on how to make a fairy garden of your own. And better yet, most of the resources we will be using will be natural! So, let’s begin…

How To Make A Fairy Garden

What You Will Need To Make A Fairy Garden

For this project you are first going to need to do some foraging of your own, so grab your wellies and take them to the great outdoors. You and your child can search for small natural items that you can include in the fairy garden. 

Items like small stones, flowers, and sticks. Anything that you think may be useful when building your own fairy garden.

Of course, you’ll need some man-made items too like glue for example. Here is a list of roughly all you will need…

  • Wooden Bird House
  • Glue gun and Glue
  • Twigs and Sticks
  • Moss
  • Flowers (faux or real)
  • Small Model Birds/Mushrooms/Other Decorative Pieces
  • Small Terracotta Tray
  • Small Terracotta Pot
  • Stones and Rocks
  • Paints and Paint Brushes

Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Make Your Fairy Garden

How To Make A Fairy Garden

1. Prepare The Home

The home itself is one of the most important parts of making a fairy garden. Where else will the fairies have to stay?

The first thing you are going to want to do when creating a home for fairies is to purchase a small wooden birdhouse. 

You can get these online or in local craft and garden stores. Once you have found one that you like, this will be the base for your fairy garden.

You can then paint this any color you think your fairy friends would enjoy, and maybe even add small details like a doorknob and a house number! 

Once you have painted and it has dried, use a glue gun to add moss to the roof, corners, and bottoms of the house for a more rustic fairy feel. You can also add small dried flowers to the windowsill or wherever else you feel is appropriate – fairies love flowers!

2. Fill Your Fairy Garden Base

Grab your terra cotta tray and fill it with the rest of the moss, gravel, or dirt – whatever you can find to create a floor. Place your newly decorated home into the tray – the rest of the flooring will act as a mini garden for your fairy. 

Create a path of small rocks and stones from the door leading out into the fairy garden. This is so that your fairy can follow the path to find her way to her new home! 

3. Decorate Your Fairy Garden

The next stage in how to make a fairy garden is definitely the most fun! Once the home and pathway to the door are complete you are ready to begin decorating the fairy garden! 

This is where your imagination can come into play. You can use the small terra cotta pot to create a mini birdbath, decorated with model birds you can find at craft stores or even make yourself. You can also create a mini vegetable patch or a patch of flowers for your fairy to grow. 

Decorate the garden with small items you think would make a fairy happy – such as mushrooms, pretty stones, and colorful flowers. You could even create a tiny mailbox for your fairy so that she can stay in touch with all her fairy friends – perhaps she’ll even leave a letter for you! 

Fairies love natural things like pinecones and acorns, so place a few of these around the fairy garden and she will be sure to love it!

An extra detail you can add for your fairy is to create tiny dresses out of leaves and flower petals for your fairy to wear. I’m sure she’d appreciate it very much!

4. Place Your Fairy Garden Outside

Once you are happy with your finished fairy garden, take it outside and place it where you think a fairy would like to live. This could be under a tree, hidden within a bush, or just at the bottom of your garden! 

Make sure to visit her often and bring her gifts. Fairies love berries and shiny items and will often bring you good luck in return!

Final Thoughts

So, now that you know how to make a fairy garden, why not give it a go and create your very own fairy garden? Maybe you will end up finding a fairy or two as they come to visit the home you created them!

They will be very appreciative of all the effort you put into making them a lovely and beautiful place to stay, they may even return the kindness and leave a few gifts for yourself!

There’s nothing more fun than spending some time using your imagination and natural resources to create a beautiful and magical fairy garden.

Hopefully, you’ll get some visitors of your own! You can add to your garden as you create more pieces for the fairy to enjoy. Perhaps you could even build them another home so that your fairy friend has a neighbor of their own! 

A Secret for Parents: Make sure to leave small hints and clues that show that some fairies have been to visit. Maybe they could leave some glitter or open a door.

Perhaps they could even leave behind a tiny shoe…anything to show that they have been to stay at the fairy garden. Your children will love it, I can promise you that!

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