How To Make Fairy Wings

Spending time with kids is time well spent. When children are little, you are their whole world, and it’s crucial we take advantage of this whilst it lasts. One way to really bond with your kids is learning how to make fairy wings together.

Getting creative is lots of fun, and little ones love getting messy and making pretty things they can be proud of and show their friends. 

How To Make Fairy Wings

In this article, we are going to look at how to make awesome fairy wings that will thrill little girls everywhere. 

How To Make Fairy Wings

Gather Materials 

There are many things you may need to make fairy wings, and you can add to this list, but this is a basic list. 

  • Scissors (including safety scissors) 
  • Knife
  • Doilies in different sizes
  • Cardboard box
  • Glue
  • Watercolor paints
  • Glitter
  • Ribbon
  • Hole punch
  • Wine (for mum, optional) 

Step 1 To Make Fairy Wings

Start by locating some cardboard boxes and cut out a large area. Aim to make the wings so they extend 15 – 20 inches (ca. 51 cm)20 inches (ca. 51 cm). It’s okay if they fold in between, this would be a good thing. 

If you do not have a natural fold in the center, then you should score the cardboard. You can do this by running a knife alongside the edge of a ruler and ensuring that you only score the top layer. This will make a straight line that is easy to fold. 

You have the option to draw your own wings (or ask the kids) or you can download a template online as a guide. 

Step 2 To Make Fairy Wings

Time for the children to start working!  Give them doilies or pre-prepared pieces of material and let them choose how to shape them. Be there as a guide if needed but let them have fun with it. 

If they require help, get them to add a little adhesive on the doilies and then stick them to the cardboard. Don’t be afraid to get messy, that’s half the fun in learning how to make fairy wings.

Next get them to paint the cardboard using their choice of color. They can use paint or felt tips, whatever works best. 

Step 3 To Make Fairy Wings

Use watercolours to paint the doilies. Experiment with it. Let the kids add patterns or create something multicolored,  whatever makes them happy. 

Step 4 To Make Fairy Wings

Here comes the glitter. Every parent’s nightmare? Come on, it’s only glitter! 

This is a totally optional step. Yes, glitter can be untidy and it gets all over the place but it’s a great addition to your fairy wings.

If you can take the glittering stage outside that is certainly the least messy option, but don’t eliminate it, kids love it! Get them to experiment with amounts and help them achieve what is In their imagination to make their perfect fairy wings.

Step 5 To Make Fairy Wings

The moment of truth. When the wings are completely dry, you can punch 4 holes through the cardboard. Two on each side, near to the center layer.

After that, connect some string or ribbon via the holes and around their shoulders. That should complete the fairy wings! Job done! 

However, this isn’t the only way to make fairy wings, let’s look at another option. 

How To Make Fairy Wings – Alternative Method

Gather Together

  • 2 x pairs of pink pantyhose
  • Needle and thread
  • Masking tape
  • 2 x wire hangers
  • Piece of felt or scrap of fabric
  • Glitter paint
  • Tulle puff  or fake flower
  • Stick-on jewels
  •  glue gun

Step 1 To Make Fairy Wings

Bend the hanger to form a wing shape. Do this to a 2nd wire hanger as well as place them on top of each other. Make sure they are a similar shape. 

Step 2 To Make Fairy Wings

Place both fairy wings on a table and turn the hooks inward. Twist the hooks around to join them with each other. This takes a bit of effort, but it’s important to make sure that they are secure enough to withstand movement (fairies fly a lot, after all) 

You must also check that no sharp parts are sticking out that may cause injury, you don’t want any screaming fairies. 

To cover any wiry parts, use the little item of material to wind round and fix it with the masking tape. This will cushion the area and be comfortable during flight. 

Step 3 To Make Fairy Wings

The next step is to find some old pantyhose and cut off the legs. Cover the hangers with the legs and gather together at the center.

Fix the fabric in place with tape at the center and wrap the additional pantyhose material around the center as well and tie it off. Cut the knot carefully. 

To cover the knot, pace a homemade flower or bow to cover it up. Use the glue or sew it to secure it in place. 

Step 4 To Make Fairy Wings

Use another pair of pantyhose to make the fairy wings’ arm holders.  Just cut the legs and attach them in an armhole-sized loop to either side of the center join.

You can leave your fairy wings like that, or you can embellish them with jewels or glitter.  

Gather Together

Advantages Of Making Fairy Wings

The above are creative activities that are super beneficial for kids, how so?

Creative play is an important part of young people’s development. Through imaginative and creative play, kids can expand psychologically, socially and intellectually. 

Imaginative tasks aid a child to develop vital skills and encourage them to be open with ideas and feelings. 

Creative play supports social and psychological development by integrating emotions with activities. Ask your little one to draw, paint or tell a story, concerning just how they’re really feeling.

Learning how to make paper fairy wings is the same. It will help children that are unable to verbalize or share their thoughts and feelings. 

In time, children will learn exactly how to communicate their sensations safely and also creatively, allowing them to feel secure in social settings as well as regulate their behaviour more appropriately.

Through creativity, children can start to grasp and develop crucial problem-solving skills. Reading, as an example, offers youngsters the option to reveal their creative thoughts and also check out a whole world beyond their very own, increasing both intellectual and cognitive skills. 

Furthermore, this forms the basis of understanding as well as retention and also establishes a foundation for solving more complicated issues as they grow up 

Providing youngsters opportunities to engage in imaginative play such as learning how to make paper fairy wings has proven to enhance development overall. 

Creating the means to play artistically does not need to be demanding or take a great deal of time. Interestingly, over structuring can make children stressed and frustrated. Every small step towards establishing a well-rounded child is worth investing time into.

Final Thoughts

So through this handy step-by-step guide we hope we have taught you how to make paper fairy wings in a super quick and super fun way.

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