Nature Walk Ideas For Kids

Nature walks are an excellent way for youngsters to discover more about the world around them while also getting some much-needed movement and breathing fresh air.

Nature Walk Ideas For Kids

You can enhance nature walks and make them more memorable by incorporating games and other enjoyable activities. Here are some nature walk ideas for kids to get you started today!

Nature Walk Ideas For Kids

Map Your Journey

Making a map while out on a nature walk can bring a whole new level of enjoyment to the experience. It’s an excellent approach for kids to learn about mapping and geography, especially at a time where electronics has mostly eliminated many older methods of getting around.

They can create a map as they travel, highlighting the angles and other twists and turns along the way. 

This practice also allows children to explore pathways and roads they may not have previously traveled. You could even encourage your child to pinpoint different landmarks and milestones by drawing them on the map when you walk past them. 

When embarking on a nature walk, don’t forget to bring hiking shoes, as well as a first-aid kit and any other necessary items. 

Plan A Scavenger Hunt

Another great nature walk idea for kids is to plan a scavenger hunt. This is an excellent approach to get youngsters out of the house or classrooms while simultaneously challenging their creative and critical thinking abilities.

It will require some planning because you will need to establish a range of items they should be on the lookout for.

Create a list of frequent items or landscapes found in nature that the kids can seek for. Creatures and bugs, animals and other wildlife, beautiful flowers, mountains, pools of water, foliage, and other vegetation could all be included.

To add another dimension to your nature walk exercise, have the kids draw in the object on the page once they’ve found it. If this doesn’t work while on the stroll, encourage them to try it when they get back to the house.

If you think you’d struggle to come up with your own scavenger hunt, there are plenty of printables to be found online.

Alternatively, you can download the Geocaching app to find treasures and logbooks that other people have hidden away in outdoor spaces. 

Go Birdwatching On Your Nature Walk

For people of all ages, birdwatching may be a pleasant and fascinating nature walk idea. If you want to educate your children about birdwatching, go on a nature walk with binoculars and then see what you can detect from far away. 

There might be some nature reserves or other spots nearby that have designated areas for birding. Famous tourist hikes or parks near major towns and residential neighborhoods are likely to have a more limited variety of birds to observe.

If you want to compile a list of the birds you’ve spotted, bring some pencils and paper. When they arrive home, the kids may want to try sketching or painting them.

You can look up intriguing facts about certain birds you’ve seen online, making it even more informative for children who are learning about nature. For kids interested in birds, this is a wonderful nature walk idea.

Play A Game Of “I Spy”

‘I Spy’ is a game that is appropriate for kids of different ages, but especially those aged 2 to 7.  You can choose to play this game at any stage during a nature walk in the woods with little planning.

It’s a great game to play on an outdoor hike when the kids are getting restless or fatigued.


Choose anything for others to ‘spy’ on the stroll, so whoever gets the right answer gets to go first. Being an interactive game, it is a terrific opportunity for kids to learn about wildlife and enhance their listening and observing abilities, especially when they are younger.

Collect Items For A Nature Terrarium

Another great nature walk idea for kids is to build a nature terrarium. Allow your children to burrow in the ground for a roly-poly or two. Perhaps a caterpillar or some other creepy-crawly thing.

Fill a container halfway with the stuff that surrounds the insect. Things like hay, soil, pebbles, and so forth. Shut the cover and add one of the small creatures.

When you return inside, gather around the pc to learn more about this new visitor. 

What does it require to live? How long is it going to live? What can they do to treat it nicely? It’ll be even more enjoyable if you have a magnifying glass!

Build A Den

During the winter, a lot of twigs and branches are blown down by the wind. Make the most out of them by challenging your children to construct something — a den, a branch castle, or even an animal sanctuary.

This project is a great way for families to interact together and teaches children to use their imagination and problem-solving expertise. It is one of our favorite ideas for kids to include on their nature walk.

Little toes and curious hands have the potential to destroy delicate plants and upset wildlife. So, if you’re in an old forest, it’s better to leave the den building to the animals that do it best.

Also, do not break twigs or branches off living trees. Use what’s currently on the ground and be sure to clear up your construction before returning home.

Use Your Imagination

Little ones will like embarking on a welly walk because it is so much more thrilling than a regular nature walk. Explain to them their walking boots have superpowers and let them go on adventures.

They can crush through freezing leaves, plunge through deep, oozy muck, and play in ice streams while wearing these!

Your children’s nature walk can become a great adventure with a little ingenuity. Stroll into forests and imagine you’re walking in a magical woodland— can you detect any pixies or gnomes?

You may become pioneers, journeying through a remote jungle on an expedition in search of previously unknown creatures. You may even act out some of your favorite stories set in the forest with your children.

Pack A Picnic To Take On Your Nature Walk

Pack a rucksack with a thermal flask of soup and some tasty food if you want to have a good winter journey. It will keep everybody toasty while you’re out sightseeing, and it feels even better when you’re outside!

It doesn’t have to be difficult –  we think that simple ideas work best, such as mulled fruit juice, vegetable soup, and mini sandwiches. It will make your nature walk even more special for kids.

In Conclusion

There are many different nature walk ideas for kids to make your venture outdoors full of fun and excitement. 

We have only touched the surface on what you can do on your nature walk to make it a great experience for the whole family.

We hope that in this guide we have given you a good start point on some nature walk ideas for kids. So grab your coats and boots, and get exploring!

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