Outdoor Fall Activities For Kids (30 Fun Ideas)

In Fall, there may be less sunlight and colder temperatures, but there is still just as much fun available to be had as the Summer months.

In fact, there are so many outdoor Fall activities available to choose from, we have made a list of 30 fun ideas for kids to do in Fall.

Outdoor Fall Activities for Kids (30 fun ideas)

Kids and adults alike love Fall for many reasons: lots of crunchy red leaves to play in, big juicy pumpkins to carve, clear skies and meteor showers, birds in the garden and gorgeous sunrises.

And of course; Halloween and Bonfire night are two of the most fun holidays ever. 

You may be at a loss for ideas when it comes to outdoor activities to do with your kids in Fall. Luckily, we’ve put together a handy guide which lists the 30 best outdoor Fall activities which will keep your kids entertained for the entire season.

30 Outdoor Fall Activities For Kids (30 Fun Ideas)

1. Visit A Pumpkin Patch

Fresh air, big tractors, lots of nature and loads of fun! One of the best things about fall is halloween and one of the best outdoor fall activities for kids is to visit a pumpkin patch. Get your kids outdoors and to a pumpkin patch, picking their very own pumpkin to carve for Halloween will feel like a great accomplishment.

2. Go Horseback Riding 

Horses are lots of fun and kids love them. Learning how to care for a horse develops important life skills, and can really increase a child’s confidence. This is a fun idea for kids to get outdoors in fall.

3. Go For A Bike Ride

With a host of physical and mental benefits, bike riding is a great way to bond as a family, create happiness and release stress. Fall weather is perfect to enjoy this outdoor fall activity with the whole family.

4. Go Camping

If you’re looking for one of the most fun out fall activities for kids, then you won’t beat camping. Camping encourages a sense of adventure and lets children explore the outside world in a free and creative manner.

5. Arts And Crafts With Leaves

Go leaf collecting and unleash kids’ creative sides with leaf pinwheels, colorful leaf art, leaf butterflies and garlands this fall!

6. Attend A Hayride

A fun day out for kids where people get together to ride an open vehicle full of hay. This is a great outdoor fall activity for kids that they will have so much fun with.

7. Go Trick Or Treating On Halloween

Trick or treating gets kids out of the house to have fun with friends and family, and to explore their neighborhood. 

8. Go Hiking

Another fun idea for kids to do in fall is to go hiking. Hiking greatly improves physical and mental health, encourages environmental education by exposing kids to nature,

builds confidence and most of all, provides an enjoyable family outdoor activity.

9. Explore The Woods

One of the best outdoor fall activities for free is to explore the woods.The freedom to run around the woods and play fosters independence, creativity and problem-solving skills. Everyone remembers exploring their local woods when they were a kid and it is a fun and free idea.

10. Have A Picnic

Have A Picnic

Getting lots of fresh air is really beneficial for children, especially those that suffer from respiratory diseases like asthma. Mealtimes are important for familial bonding, and there is something really fun about packing up some sandwiches and heading to the local park for a quick and easy outdoor fall activity.

11. Check Out A Botanical Garden

Botanical gardens are magical and fun places for kids. They have a wide range of sights and smells, and provide kids with a great appreciation for nature.

12. Make Your Own Terrarium

Another great fall activity is to collect some stuff and bring the outside into your home. Making a terrarium is fantastic for developing kids’ creativity, and will likely stay as a cherished childhood memory for years to come.

13. Make Some Wreaths

Go outside and collect some simple natural materials and create your own wreaths! This is one of those great outdoor fall activities that your kids will remember for years to come. Kids will be proud of their creation and you’ll love hanging it in your home.

14. Visit A Corn Maze

Corn mazes help to foster lots of important life skills. Spatial awareness, communication, failing and succeeding, you name it. Corn mazes are great fun for the whole family as an outdoor fall activity.

15. Make A Scarecrow 

An excellent arts and craft project to do with the kids. Scarecrows are great for harvest festivals and a nice way to teach children creativity skills.

16. Collect Conkers

Another one of our favorite outdoor fall activities is to collect conkers. Get outside and collect as many conkers as you can, then have a game of conkers. The idea of the game is to hit your opponent’s conker and break it. The hardest conker usually wins, so get searching and enjoy this super fun idea.

17. Go Stargazing

The night sky is the perfect way to develop a child’s enthusiasm for learning. Teach them about constellations, then go out together on a clear, starry night and try to spot them all.

18. Build A Den

Den building gives children the chance to take part in imaginative play, which improves problem solving and communication skills, as well as helping them to form lasting bonds with friends and family.

19. Go Bird Spotting

Fall is a great time to go bird spotting and this outdoor activity is super fun for kids. Going bird spotting with your children is an excellent way of introducing them to wildlife and encouraging an appreciation and love for nature and the environment. 

20. Fly Kites

Fly Kites

Kite flying is one of those fun ideas that kids will always cherish. Kids can show their creative side by designing and making their own kites. They are also given the opportunity to learn about science and the weather by flying kites outdoors. Flying kites also improves hand eye coordination and kinaesthetic awareness.

21. Follow A Nature Trail

Another one of our favorite free outdoor fall activities is to go on a nature trail. Nature trails are an exciting way for kids to explore and engage with nature in a free and creative manner.

22. Attend A Fireworks Display

The first ever fireworks originated from China during the Song dynasty (960–1279). Fireworks were used in many celebrations and still are to this day. Kids adore the beauty of fireworks, and taking them to a display is guaranteed a few smiles.

23. Go Apple Picking 

Apple picking is a fantastic way to get your kids out and about. They can take their time to search for the perfect apple – and maybe later they can help you bake it into a pie or cover it with caramel and put it on a stick. Fall is the perfect time to include apple picking in your activities list for kids to enjoy.

24. Go For A Walk On The Beach

Chilled, fresh water, crisp sea breeze and sludgy wet sand. Fall gives kids a different experience of the beach than Summer does. They can hunt for shells, collect stones, or paddle by the shoreline in their wellies.

25. Visit A Wildlife Park

Kids easily form connections to the world around them, especially when it comes to forming relationships with animals. Children love animals, and a visit to a wildlife park will be a very enjoyable and educational day out for them. 

Whilst you might not associate a wildlife park with Fall, if you’re compiling a list of the fun outdoorFall activities for kids to enjoy, then we would highly recommend this.

26. Go On A Scavenger Hunt 

A creative and simple way to entertain kids for a full day, while ​exercising their problem-solving and communication skills and getting them outdoors during Fall.

27. Watch The Sunrise

Serenity, peace, stillness. Watching the sunrise with your kids is a great method of teaching them to be calm and mindful. Sunrises are beautiful and you could even get your kids to paint or color a picture of the sunrise as they watch.

28. Play With Mud

Playing in the mud encourages children to connect with nature and increases their appreciation of the environment. So send them out in the garden and ask them to make some delicious mud pies! This is a year-round activity that is especially fun in Fall.

29. Have A Fall Photoshoot 

Colorful welly boots, big fluffy scarves and wooly hats. Get dressed up in your best Fall attire and head to the woods for a glamorous family photoshoot with a professional looking backdrop of rich autumn colors.

30. Hunt For Bugs

Bug hunting is bags of fun for kids and a fantastic way for them to explore and learn. Download a bug checklist and send your kids out into the world to find some critters!

Final Thoughts

There’s lots of fun to be had with the kids in Fall. As long as you get creative with the outdoor activities you plan with your children, you’re bound to create lasting memories no matter what the season. 

From pumpkin picking to conker collecting, let your kids pick their favorite activities, try some new ones, and get ready for an action-packed season of Fall fun!

With our handy guide to 30 fun ideas of outdoor fall activities for kids, the only real problem will be which one to choose first.

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