Water Play Ideas

Thinking of safe and fun games for kids can be hard work and sometimes feels like making a mountain out of a molehill.

However, with the gift of the internet today, we can research different ways of keeping our children entertained and find lots of new water play ideas. 

Water Play Ideas

Sometimes, when you run out of ideas around the house, it can be good to turn to one of Earth’s best elements – water.

Water play is a great way to have fun, whilst creating lots of new game ideas for you and your kids. Follow our guide to give you some options to think about!

Water Play Ideas

So let’s take a look at some fun and interesting water play ideas.

Water Fight

Why not start our list with a classic? This is a great way to enjoy some competitiveness with a twist! When it comes to water play ideas, you cannot beat having a classic water fight, where anything goes.

The usual weapon of choice is to use a number of water balloons to try and hit your enemies from a distance, but there’s a range of water guns out there that can give you the advantage over your opposition. 

Whether you choose to go for more lightweight water pistols, or go all out with a super-soaking water rifle, do your best to drench everyone in your path.

The aim of the game is simple; get everyone else as wet as possible. In this game, there isn’t really a winner because all of the players get wet. Unless you consider that a win, then that’s great!

Hot Potato – Water Edition

Another great water play idea is hot potato! Putting a soaking twist on the popular game, hot potato can be played with a variety of different items.

From soccer balls to basketballs and back to softballs, this game is a great way of testing your reactions and trying to confuse your opponents. However, using water balloons can be a great way to add another layer of depth to the rules of this simple activity.

The aim of this water play game is to not drop the water balloon. If you do, then you risk getting drenched from head to toe.

The bigger the balloon, the gentler you have to be when catching the item, so make sure you stay alert and keep your concentration high. The best way to win is to try and put your opponents off as much as possible. Good luck!

Swimming Pools

Of course, when people think of water play, they might immediately think of swimming pools. The permanent variants obviously cost a lot of money and can set a lot of people back a large amount of money. 

However, the inflatable versions of these pools can be great fun for kids of all ages. The smaller sizes are especially great for toddlers and smaller children. Partner this small pool with a range of toys and you have endless fun for hours.

If you use toys like boats and rubber animals, then you’ve got some stimulating fun for younger children. However, pets will also love this idea and will most likely try to have a turn at bathing in the water.

Using plastic balls and other small features can add even more ideas for fun water play ideas.

Simon Says

Another popular water play idea that can benefit from having a wet twist, is Simon Says. The aim of the game is to be the last person standing by following the instructions of one chosen player.

By adding water to this game, you can add forfeits, rather than just losing a life if you get the instruction wrong.

For example, if you follow an order when you shouldn’t, then the other players could take turns throwing water balloons at you. Or, you could fill a bucket full of cold water and drop it over your head! A great water play idea for all of the family.

Water Play Sports

If you’re fortunate to be close to a beach or you have a swimming pool of a decent size, then water sports are always a great option to consider when thinking of water play ideas.

Games like volleyball and water polo are great games with lots of competitive aspects that kids will love. On top of this, you can try and implement other land-based sports into the pool.

Lots of people love to play ping pong and other variations of tennis, which can be great to play in swimming pools and smaller pools.

The aim of the game can either be to keep rallying the ball back and forth as many times as possible or to make the other person drop the ball. You can either choose to work as a team, or as opponents. Always great to have options!

Slip And Slide

One of the most enjoyable water play ideas on the list is the slip and slide. Simply use some canvas or buy a slip and slide and have water flowing from the top to the bottom.

You can have a competition on whoever’s tricks are the best, or even test to see who can slide the farthest! 

Adding a simple feature like washing up liquid and you can have fun for hours, sliding across the floor.

However, make sure that you avoid finding these chemicals in your eyes. The majority of brands are safe nowadays, but it’s always best to be sensible.

Water Limbo

One of the more simple water play ideas on our list is water limbo. All you need is a water hose and you’re all set. Simply, line up and get ready to see how low you can go!

Have someone hold the hose at a relatively horizontal angle and have players take turns in walking underneath the stream of water. 

If you don’t drop low enough then you’re going to get a face full of water and have everyone laughing! It’s even better if you use cold water so there’s an extra reason not to get hit by the liquid! This water play idea is super fun.

Final Thoughts

There are simply too many games to choose from when thinking of water play ideas. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Kids nowadays can get bored very easily, so being able to have a massive range of games to choose from can be a great thing to have, as a parent.

Whether you possess a small swimming pool or just a few buckets and a water tap, there’s something on this list for everyone.

Investing in items like water balloons and water guns can be a great way of extending the fun even further. What are you waiting for? Get outside and have some fun trying out our water play ideas!

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